Claim Changer

It’s been a bit of a hectic week around the FT Adjusting office. It’s not all Tim Tams and pizza parties. I’ve been learning new skills and tackling insurance claim after insurance claim like never before.  And I’m not going to lie to you; some of the processes involved can be downright complicated even at the best of times. I’ve got plenty of numbers to crunch and even more steps to memorise. For a newbie it can be overwhelming, to say the least.



Which is why I was pretty interested to see an article from Insurance Business saying that a ‘world first’ insurance claims platform is about to revolutionise the insurance industry. It’s called ClaimLogik, and it’s a platform that has been launched to help brokers, insurers and policyholders alike. According to the chief executive of ClaimLogik, it’s going to be out with the old and in with the new because “the 150-year-old claim service model was never designed with the customer in mind.”

Now, users will be able to connect with a supply chain of resources (such as assessors – that’s where we come in!) in a logical sequence of claim activity.

What’s more, the platform promises to improve efficiency and customer experience. How? With the included ability to created automated assessment report templates and even set up emergency assistance notifications for trades to help reduce costs. It’s all about using data and information in a smart way.

What a relief! ClaimLogik, you sound like a dream come true. So if they could just get that system in before next week, I’d be one happy camper.

Words by Skye Jamieson