Cracking Up

Most of the time, insurance is no laughing matter. With all the site visits, investigation and report writing going on in the office, it can be a long time between chuckles. But sometimes, it can be fun to see the light side of a serious situation. Especially an insurance situation.

We had to bite our tongues when a certain loss adjuster attended a site visit that was very messy. As in, sewerage-pipe-burst messy. The walls, ceiling and floor of the building had been completely covered in liquid sewage.

In order to conduct a thorough investigation of the site, the loss adjuster had to get up close and personal. Including wading. You’d better believe we made that loss adjuster shower before he came back into the office.


Actual evidence of ‘the situation’

I guess you can say that our loss adjusters are highly dedicated to their jobs.

The situation sure did cause some laughter back in the office. And on a Friday afternoon, it’s reassuring to see that some people are in a crappier situation than you.


All that laughter reminded me of this cracker of an insurance joke that I heard some time ago:

An insurance agent goes to a museum and accidentally knocks over a statue.
The museum administrator says to him: “That’s a five hundred-year-old statue you’ve broken!”
The insurance agent replies: “Thank God! I thought it was a new one.”


Words by Skye Jamieson