Dive In Diversity

If you’re in the insurance industry, you might have heard some buzz this week about a certain festival that’s taken place in the form of events in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. It’s the Lloyd’s Dive In festival, which is an international diversity and inclusion festival.

According to Lloyd’s, it’s continued to garner support with the highest number of insurance sector sponsors since its inception. Insurance News reported that more than 1300 registered attendees participated in ten events over the three-day period.

The theme for this year’s festival reinforced the business case for diversity and inclusion.


Image: pexels.com

‘The Diversity Dividend is clear: people are drawn to and thrive in inclusive workplaces. Inclusion creates better productivity and team performance, lays the groundwork for inspiring innovation, and reflects the values of our global customer base,’ says Lloyd’s.

Sessions in Sydney covered issues such as customer diversity, innovation, mental health and the gender leadership gap. For the first time, the program extended to other Australian states.

But it’s not only expanding in Australia. Lloyd’s says the festival has reached new heights by expanding to 32 locations across 17 countries.

This is fantastic news for the ever-changing global insurance industry. Just as Lloyd’s says, put simply, diverse and inclusive workplaces are becoming a business fundamental, not a discretionary addition. It sure is a step in the right direction – now let’s hope we keep walking the right way.

For more information about the Dive In festival, you can visit the website here.

Words by Skye Jamieson