Melbourne Marvel

It’s safe to say there’s been quite a bit of excitement in the FT Adjusting office this week. And it’s not just the Sydney office. Last week, we announced the exciting news that FT Adjusting is expanding. We’ve opened a new office in Melbourne!

And what a week it’s been. With the installation of the new IT system currently underway, it won’t be long until it’s all systems GO for the Melbourne office!

Taking the reins in the Melbourne office is our very own Senior Loss Adjuster Benjamin Chang, as the Victoria Manager, along with Loss Adjuster Zack Mun.

So far so good. The new FTA office is in the small suburb of Heidelberg. According to my Google searches, Heidelberg lies about 18 kilometres north-east of Melbourne’s CBD. It’s quite small, with a population of just over six thousand people.


Hello Melbourne! Image:

So, what does Heidelberg have to offer for a small business like FT Adjusting? According to Domain, Heidelberg is a suburb of contrasts that has ‘something for everyone’.

From the fabulous Heide Museum of Modern Art, to the Warringal Parklands, Heidelberg has it all. There’s the chance to sit down in a hipster café and drink filtered coffee and dine on smashed avocado. Hell, that’s more than most hopeful homebuyers in Sydney can say. But it’s also changing rapidly. Thanks to some zoning changes, apartments are booming. People, and businesses (!) are buying.

And this is where Zack and Ben are now calling home (or rather, work). It’s a tough job to set up a new office – which includes organising insurance, phones, IT and filing systems and office furniture. Hats off to you guys, Ben and Zack, and congratulations to the rest of the team here in Sydney for making sure the operation has been a success. Watch this space for more information and updates about the magnificent Melbourne marvel.

Words by Skye Jamieson

Contact details:

PH: (03) 9450 7839
Suite 114, Level 1
486 Lower Heidelberg Road
Lower Heidelberg, VIC, 3084