Number Crunching

There’s been some exciting news today. And while it’s not specifically insurance-related, we think it’s definitely a cause for celebration.

The results of the same-sex marriage postal vote were announced this morning by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australians have voted overwhelmingly ‘yes’ to marriage equality. With 61.6 per cent of more than 12 million voters supporting changes to the Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to wed, a great number of people across Australia will be painting their towns rainbow.

Everyone knows most people working in the insurance industry like numbers. High or low, we like them. There’s no getting around it. And we’re guessing the latest statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics will likely keep us busy for years to come. It’s an absolute goldmine!

Number Crunching


Just look at these figures:

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, “17 of Greater Sydney’s 29 federal electorates returned a majority yes vote, while 12 had a majority of no voters. The city-wide yes vote – 55.29 per cent – was more than 6 percentage points below the national figure.”

Although the wealthy eastern region of the city voted with a resounding ‘yes’, a number of western Sydney electorates voted ‘no’. Understanding the demographic factors in these regions can help explain the sharp differences in response to the marriage survey across the city. And they also unlock a treasure trove of interesting sociological data. These demographic factors include religion and the proportion of people born overseas. For the full run-down, check out the article here.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are still some hurdles that need to be cleared in order for changes to the Marriage Act to become permanent. It’s now up to the members of Parliament to make things happen. Just for the moment, however, we can sit back and peruse the numbers.

Words by Skye Jamieson