Roo’d Awakening

Thank God it’s Friday. It’s been pretty busy around the FT Adjusting office, with a flurry of people coming and going. We can’t wait for the weekend. Although insurance is generally pretty serious business, every so often a little humour manages to sneak its way in.  And sometimes, laughter is the best medicine.

Earlier this week I spotted an article from WA Today that has gone completely viral. The reason? It’s the most typical Australian insurance form you could imagine. And it’s hilarious.

Last month, a Mingenew woman was driving home to her farm at approximately 7pm when she was involved in an accident with a kangaroo.  She alleges that “a massive dinosaur-like creature” jumped out of the scrub in front of the car.



“The massive marsupial had done a number on the left hand side of our Kia Sorrento. He bounced from the front bumper down the side of the car, smashing out the fog light, bending the wheel arch out of place, totalling the mud flap and then destroying the front passenger door,” the woman told WA Today.

But it’s her detailed drawing of the accident in question on the insurance form that would have left her insurer in stitches. Whether it’s a T. Rex or a kangaroo in the diagram, I’ll leave you to decide. You can read the article here. When answering who she believed was at fault, she wrote “Kangaroo for jumping out of the scrub.”

Luckily, this thrilling tale has a happy ending. The woman and the rest of her family in the car were fine.

As she explained to WA Today, “Luckily I’m an extremely experienced bush rally driver and I was able to complete the rest of the journey without incident, allowing my three children to carry on sleeping and my husband to continue to tell me how to drive.”

Words by Skye Jamieson