Beware of Suits!

Today our fearless leader Ian had an unexpected encounter whilst having a coffee in Sydney’s CBD. Just outside Chifley Plaza, a truck pulled up to the intersection and waited at a red light. A man in a fancy suit, clearly in far too much of a hurry to wait for the little red man to switch to the little green man, began crossing the street. The truck driver, upon seeing this, called out his window at the suited man.

“Mate you can’t jaywalk here!”

The suited man, previously in a hurry, walked over to the truck and punched the driver square in the face. The suited man then continued to cross the road as though nothing had happened. The driver, understandably furious, leapt out from his vehicle.

One angry businessman

Angry businessman


At this point many pedestrians, commuters and café-goers had stopped to watch the outburst. Ian was one such onlooker.

The driver caught up to his assailant and took a firm grip of the suit. Rather than engage with the driver, the man simply tried to keep walking. Left with just the arm of his suit and a gaping jaw, the driver and now his mate, previously passive, were prompted into action. The scene escalated as the driver now had to be restrained from returning blows to “the suit”.

The man began to remove his jacket. ‘Maybe he will engage after all’, Ian thought. But no, the suited man simply took off and folded the jacket. All anger from been told off seemed to have vanished.

The man continued on his walk to work, suit jacket tucked under his arm leaving a group of stunned spectators and a furious driver behind him.

The Sydney CBD really can be a concrete jungle sometimes, and you really can’t predict what a businessman in a suit will do!

Words by Isabelle Laker