Insurers Try Their Hand at Movie Magic

This year, FT Adjusting has decided to mix things up and produce a video series that documents exactly how loss adjusters approach claims and what they do on a day-to-day basis. The first video we created to test the waters and try our hand at production starred FT’s director Ian McWalter- How Insurance Assessors Use Plans. We began with a loose script written up by Ian. From there, I drafted it down into something we could realistically recreate in front of the camera.

Ian plans video

A shot from the final product


On the first day of filming, Ian brought in an impressive homemade dolly (a pallet with wheels underneath and a handle, with holes to secure a tripod) which we used as part of the camera set up. We shot the video in Ian’s office here in Epping. It took one (not quite) failed shooting attempt for us to get in the groove and find a style that suited the vision we had of what we wanted to create.

We came back the next week with fresh ideas and a better idea of how to make it. From there, we spent an afternoon filming. A couple of hiccups on the day like unsuitable lighting and short camera battery life didn’t stop us from getting all the shot we needed.

The next step was editing, which took a while to get right. I was conscious of maintaining the feel of the video whilst not making it too kitsch. Originally, I was using a royalty free song that was upbeat but a little bit repetitive; however, Maestro Ian took over that aspect of the production and created an incredible original piece that matched the tone of the video perfectly.

All in all we’re extremely pleased with our first video and eager to get started on the next one! Look for ‘What is a loss adjuster?’ coming to you very soon!

Have you seen the video yet? Check it out at:

Words by Isabelle Laker