Once Upon a Tower


After all the twists and turns in this thrilling Tower tale, it seems that Vero is hoping for a fairy tale ending. But will there be an epic final battle?

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The Higher They Climb


Construction and engineering claims is a niche area to specialise in - it's what we pride ourselves on. So what happens after a construction incident?

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Kiwi Crush

New Zealand

We love our New Zealand neighbours, despite the constant and (mostly) friendly banter. So we thought it would be a good idea to check in on the Kiwis.

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Moving and Shaking


Australia is no stranger to natural disasters. Although earthquakes appear on the radar less often, it's vital to know your insurance arrangements.

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Sleep Thought


Sleep is something that we all need - but few of us get enough of. Here's how to get enough sleep at night so you can be your best at work during the day.

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