Herd Community


Humans are social beings - we live and breathe community and connectedness. So exactly how can an insurer inspire change and resilience within a community?

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Drive My Car


Road safety has improved a lot since we first started driving. But there are calls for the Australian government to make our roads even safer.

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Question Time


Insurance and loss adjusting can be a game of questions. So how can we make sure we're asking the right questions to customers to get the correct answers?

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Cyber Worries


Cyber risk is becoming increasingly dangerous for Australian businesses, so one Australian state is changing the way we handle cyber attacks and cyber risk.

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Change Makes Cents


Change happens every day - whether it be positive or negative. So when acquisition changes occur in the insurance market we get pretty excited about it.

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Literally Literacy


Financial literacy and financial stability are two key aspects of an efficient economy, so why are more and more Australian kids struggling with this area?

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