Chevy to the Levy


There one minute - gone the next. What exactly is happening with the Fire and Emergency Services Levy Act, and what does it mean for the insurance industry?

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Selfie Esteem


Don't put away your selfie sticks just yet - there's a technology in the making that uses our selfies to speed up the process of obtaining insurance.

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Waffling On


It's no secret that food can be a great motivator. But one country has a culinary delicacy that's drawing in insurance companies from all over the world.

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The A-Team


Teamwork is essential for any company, but it's particularly important in the insurance industry. And here, our teams can come in all shapes and sizes!

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Banana Split

banana peel

Slipping on a banana peel may have become a comedy staple, but the top-ranking 'banana skins' of the Australian insurance industry are no laughing matter.

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Play That Funky Music


Music makes the world go 'round, and working in a loss adjusting office can call for some serious tunes. So what's the best music for focusing on insurance?

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