Wading Game


Water damage from burst pipes is something that our loss adjusters see on a daily basis. But one law firm is taking a stand against leaks once and for all.

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Meeting of the Minds


They say that two heads are better than one - so when the entire team at FT Adjusting unites for a meeting, it's a very valuable experience indeed.

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Grinding Gears


When something's really grinding our gears, most of us like to have our voices heard. Complaining is a fact of life, especially in the insurance industry.

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Melbourne Marvel


Hello Melbourne! We've arrived, and we're ready to tackle the world of construction and engineering loss adjusting. Here's what we're up to this week.

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Productivity Debunked


Productivity in the workplace is something that's hard to achieve, and harder to maintain. It's time to debunk the myths surrounding it once and for all.

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