Up Close and Personal


Insurance can be a minefield, but personalised services for customers could change everything. So what exactly is personalisation, and how does it work?

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Dress to Impress


Are suits becoming irrelevant in offices around the globe? One company believes that relaxing dress code policies will attract Millennials to the workforce.

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What Goes Down, Must Come Up?


Psst - want to know the latest tips for the insurance market? Our sources say the insurance industry will change for the better after the last crisis.

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Facing the Storm


Three months on and the financial damage of Cyclone Debbie may have been accounted for, but the emotional fallout of the natural disaster is far from over.

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Adjuster vs. Assessor


Loss adjusting is an art - and it's time to delve a little deeper as we discover the fundamental differences between a loss adjuster and a loss assessor.

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Don’t Look Back


Got back pain? The tired routine of sitting at a desk for hours on end might become less common with this workplace wellbeing idea for your office space.

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