Ciao for Now!


With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to say farewell in my last ever blog post and look back on what FT Adjusting has achieved this year!

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Calamity Cladding


Insurance premiums can cause headaches for many homeowners. But the premiums for the residents of this Brunswick apartment have just gone through the roof.

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Deal or No Deal?


It's not a popular game show, but this deal could be winner. News broke this week that a major insurer announced a $2.85 billion Aussie acquisition.

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Piggy in the Middle


When it comes to digitalising the claims space, one insurance industry expert has some interesting advice that you can take straight to the piggy bank.

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A Royal Affair


It's the royal event we've all been waiting for - the royal commission into alleged misconduct by banks, insurers and other financial service entities.

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Holiday Interrupted

fine print

The devil's in the detail, especially in the insurance world. For many young Aussie travellers, they've just found this out the hard way.

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