Dive In Diversity


If you're in the insurance industry, you might have heard some buzz this week about Dive In - the festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance.

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Realist Talk


The world is full of optimists and pessimists - but showing signs of this one personality type probably means you'd make a pretty successful loss adjuster.

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Flushed Away

Sewage vs rose

What do alligators, Shakespeare and insurance all have in common? The answer is sewage, and believe us when we say we're just as surprised as you are.

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Herd Community


Humans are social beings - we live and breathe community and connectedness. So exactly how can an insurer inspire change and resilience within a community?

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Drive My Car


Road safety has improved a lot since we first started driving. But there are calls for the Australian government to make our roads even safer.

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Question Time


Insurance and loss adjusting can be a game of questions. So how can we make sure we're asking the right questions to customers to get the correct answers?

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