Beware of Suits!

Angry businessman

Our fearless leader Ian had an unexpected encounter whilst having a coffee in Sydney’s CBD “Mate you can’t jaywalk here!", said a taxi driver. The suited man, previously in a hurry, walked over to the truck and punched the driver square in the face.

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Lightning Storms Strike Again


Severe lightning and wild storms battered Sydney and NSW's Illawarra last night, which may prove to be a headache for clean up crews and insurers alike.

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Starting the New Year with a Bang


It was supposed to be a celebratory start to the New Year, but an offshore explosion forced thousands to evacuate from Terrigal Beach on NSW's Central Coast.

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Hello FT Adjusting!


Roll out the welcome mat, our new social media manager Isabelle has arrived and she's looking forward to keeping you updated on the latest insurance gossip.

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Ciao for Now!


With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to say farewell in my last ever blog post and look back on what FT Adjusting has achieved this year!

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Calamity Cladding


Insurance premiums can cause headaches for many homeowners. But the premiums for the residents of this Brunswick apartment have just gone through the roof.

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