March Madness

It’s been a great start to the month of March with a flurry of activity in the insurance world. But what exciting events and changes lay ahead in the near distant future? Allow yourself to relax as you gaze deep into this crystal ball…

Crystal Ball


With reports that the Australian economy has once again dodged recession with a reported 1.1 per cent growth in the December quarter, that’s good news for businesses all over Australia.

And while 1.1 per cent might not seem like anything to write home about (much less write a blog post about), insurance brokerage giant Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) believes a market turn is imminent as the company itself reported a profit rise, writes Insurance Business. JLT predicts that the implementation of President Donald Trump’s new infrastructure policies will bring a boost to the building sector. In addition, JLT believes stable oil prices and a reduced cost of exploration are sure signs of an inevitable turn in the market.

So despite the dreary weather we’ve been having in Sydney this week, it’s time to break out the sunglasses because the future is looking bright! Here at FT Adjusting, I for one can strongly predict the event of pizza arriving at the office in the near future.

Words by Skye Jamieson

Is APIC Your Pick?

Welcome to November: the last month of spring and the penultimate month of 2016! Today we turn over a new calendrical leaf, and in the spirit of newness, we’d like to tell you about a brand new event announced at this year’s AILA (Australian Insurance Law Association) National Conference.

It may be a year away, but keep your eyes on 18—20 October when APIC – the Asia Pacific Insurance Conference – makes its debut!



To be held in Singapore, APIC has been organised under the auspices of the Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances (AIDA), AKA the International Insurance Law Association. It will focus on insurance issues in the Asia Pacific and be open to underwriters, claims handlers, actuaries, risk engineers, loss adjusters, brokers, lawyers and reinsurers.

APIC promises to be a great opportunity for networking and discussion between all sectors of the insurance industry – from all over the world, but particularly in the Asia Pacific. Visit APIC’s website for more information, and decide whether you should be saving any dates!

Words by Jenny Ryan

Reaching the Summit

We all love a good event (like any one of these), and we’ve just discovered another one coming up in a few months. Mumbrella, discusser of all things media and marketing, is hosting its Finance Marketing Summit on Thursday 22 September!

Finance Marketing Summit logo


Mumbrella puts on a number of marketing summits for travel, sports and retail, but this one is specifically for banks, insurance companies, superannuation companies and investment houses. The likes of ING, Google and Westpac will be involved, so it’s shaping up to be quite the event already.

Simon Canning, the event’s curator and Mumbrella’s marketing and advertising editor, has revealed what we can expect to hear about at the Summit: ‘fintech, loyalty, the rise of apps, the changing nature of the customer experience, the challenges of reputation management and the changing face of payments’.

Attendees at a summit


Think you might be interested? You can do three things from here:

  1. Visit the Mumbrella Finance Marketing Summit website to subscribe to the free emails.
  2. While you’re there, book a ticket – the early bird discount applies before 17 August!
  3. For the bold among us, email to make a session or speaker proposal.

Who knows? You might just learn something or meet someone interesting!

Words by Jenny Ryan

Quite the Event(s)

Last week, yours truly was out of the office volunteering at the Sydney Writer’s Festival – a fun and rewarding experience, I must say! But we’re not going to talk about that today. No, this blog is dedicated to all things insurance-y! And it’s about time we all resumed my self-imposed quest for knowledge in this field.

Being at the SWF – one of the biggest events for booklovers, authors, publishers and so on – got me thinking: what events are on the insurance professional’s calendar? What sort of things do our lovely staff, and indeed other lovely insurance people, have to look forward to? To what can they RSVP, and to where can they travel of an evening?

Did you say Party?


Lots of things, apparently. My good friend Google pulled through again: just take a look at all of these! And this isn’t even counting the 16 events that have already passed this year!

  1. Financial Services Council (FSC) – FSC Showcase, Thursday 9 June
  2. FSC – Leaders Summit, Wednesday 20 July
  3. ANZIIF (remember them?) – ANZIIF Insurance Conference, Thursday 11 August
  4. ANZIIF – Reinsurance International Study Course, Sunday 21 August
  5. ANZIIF – Australian Insurance Industry Awards, Wednesday 31 August
  6. ANZIIF – Reinsurance Rendezvous, Tuesday 4 October
  7. ANZIIF – Liability Conference, Tuesday 18 October
  8. ANZIIF – Life Insurance Breakfast, Thursday 27 October
  9. ANZIIF – New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards, Thursday 10 November
  10. ANZIIF – Reinsurance Breakfast, Thursday 17 November
  11. ANZIIF – General Insurance Breakfast, Thursday 8 December
Everyone gets an invitation!


Looks like we have our friends ANZIIF and FSC to thank for the majority of these events (with a little help from the Insurance Council of Australia in earlier months). There are still 11 at which you might be able to make an appearance – better get planning now!

Whoever said insurance professionals don’t know how to have fun?

Nobody. Nobody said that. And, as you can see, with good reason!

Words by Jenny Ryan